Ed Patterson

I am a writer with an interest in exploring all types of bizarre subject matter. I have worked as a technical writer for more than thirty years, dabbling continuously in in other pallets. In recent years I have become interesting in writing fiction and poetry.

One thought on “Ed Patterson

  1. I hope you keep exploring bizarre subject matter. My husband AFN Clarke is a writer who loves to write satire – extreme situations and out there characters doing outlandish things – with lots of humor – but with the humor also comes insight into new ways of thinking. He finds it hard to be a bit ‘outside the box’, which is his slogan for his website, but he persists because it’s who he is and it’s interesting – and most people who read his books love how different they are, but they are not easy to market as you can’t pigeon hole them. So keep writing – I love your posts, so glad I found you. Check us out at http://www.afnclarke.com.

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