rethinking art school

They want the best for us
don’t they?
the teacher
who told you
that your work
reminded her
of Paul Cezanne
and you thought of
that lady
in her
green hat.

And you think that you
would have painted her
…you would have
softened the tones
drawn her out, &

…pulled that amused
into a bemused smile…
…but you
knew in a flash

(13 years later)
that you didn’t paint
like anyone in

you knew it then
didn’t you…
that you
couldn’t paint anything
wouldn’t paint anything
refused to paint anything

of great worth


You’d fail at art
and data entry
lock smith-ing
and telemarketing
and finally
computer programming.
And you’d come to deal
with all of that,
in good time,
and you’d find yourself
the misplaced
driver of the year
for the most prestigious
trucking company in