Yikes…is it all over?

Is it the end of time?  I really don’t know. All I know is that it is 2012 and for quite awhile, I have been hearing that the end is near — something about the Mayan calendar.  Here in South Florida, where I live, nobody seems to really be giving it a lot of thought. Spring break is in full swing and even though we may all be swept away in a tidal wave that could wipe our little piece of the planet off of the map we are not concerned because it is just another sunny day and the margaritas are flowing in Ft. Lauderdale.

For many years now, I have studied theories of how it is all going to end, not with some morbid kind of fascination, but more with a scientific desire to learn and understand.  So what is it about the big goodbye that fascinates me so? I know, odds are I will be long gone, when the BIG END comes. I will be pushing up daises when that giant asteroid slams into the Pacific, or the earth tumbles into the Sun, or those aliens from deep space zap us into oblivion. But it is kind of interesting to let your mind go now and then and to try to picture it all…maybe that black hole sucking us all into another dimension in time…I don’t know.

What I do like to discuss is the bizarre, the unusual, and whatever stretches the mind to its limit. Be it the paranormal, space aliens, crop circles, the rapture, the trilateral commission, the Bible Code, tarot cards, palmistry, eternal return, the Kennedy assassination, 911 conspiracy theories, the Bermuda Triangle, astral projection, near death experiences, polar shift, the next ice age, global meltdown, black helicopters or Stonehenge I am up for a discussion.

Please don’t think that just because I may suggest something here on my little blog that I totally buy into it.  Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a realist who simply enjoys the unusual. I want to discuss topics here that are interesting and provide fodder for some good writing, for both fictional and non-fictional works.