Star gazing – Miami Beach

I looked at the stars
last night and I saw Saiph
winking at me – like she does –
– the little nymph…only 730 Light
years southeast of South Beach…
Oh you shouldn’t have – you
waif…you should have waited
until I could join you out there
in the Universe…we could have
waltzed among the stars,
we could have gone to the
ends of the earth together,
or maybe to the end of the heavens,
poking fun at the light years
jesting of time and space,
putting them both in their place.
We could have prodded
old Orion to pick up the pace.
We could have instructed Neptune
to take it out back and get it out
of his system and we could
have asked the Universe
if the great God is listening.
Time is fleeting… it’s between you
and me now.
No need to inform the others.
Lie back upon your Jimmy Buffett
inspired beach blanket, my Love.
Wait for the moon to rise over
the horizon.

3 thoughts on “Star gazing – Miami Beach

  1. great poem, Ed!!!!!! Nancy

    On Tue, Feb 8, 2022 at 2:00 PM Ed’s end of the planet books wrote:

    > W E Patterson posted: ” I looked at the starslast night and I saw > Saiphwinking at me – like she does — the little nymph…only 730 Lightyears > southeast of South Beach…Oh you shouldn’t have – youwaif…you should have > waiteduntil I could join you out therein the Universe…we could h” >

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