Cleveland is down there,
thirty-six thousand feet below,
says the pilot.
But I don’t see Cleveland.
I see blue-grey Ohio haze.
Pink afternoon clouds
in the late afternoon
It’s 3 days before Christmas.
I’m flying east, the mid-west
quickly giving way to the
east coast.
I look again for Cleveland…
I see the Lake –
but no Cleveland.
I think that God is a lot like Cleveland.
Tough to spot sometimes,
but probably there.
For five or ten minutes,
religion makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Cleveland

  1. U r such a good writer!

    Nancy Fitzgerald, SSJ Director of Alumni and Special Programs St. Martin de Porres School 2300 West Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia., PA 19132 215-223-6872 x409

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  2. Since you referred to the deity in your poem I just wanted to let you know that I have changed religions. The religion which I have chosen is called LUCK.

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