An inch closer to the flame

Was that death I heard downstairs,
rattling the pots & pans.
Was that My Maker I spotted,
on South Ocean Avenue with his thumb out,
hitching north toward Mar-a-Lago.
Was that a congressman I spied,
in the light of the quarter moon,
reading from the collected works,
of a great poet long gone on,
to his literary reward?
Let’s drink gin and discuss the market,
and the rise of the hedge fund cowboys,
and their three thousand-dollar shoes.

Press on.

Make sure the great and
glorious fires of freedom remain stoked.
Make your peace with the Big Guy,
but there is no need to go overboard.
You’ve had decades to explore Buddhism,
plenty of time to clean out the cobwebs,
maybe give  up the booze.
Don’t let them talk you into anything,
you  don’t need another vacuum cleaner,
another Volkswagen, or another juicer…

For crying out loud,
there hasn’t been a decent
communist, walking
42nd Street since 1956…
The Beats are dead.
The hippies have retired to Martha’s Vineyard
and to the Hamptons – and Sag Harbor.

Nobody reads the poets anymore.
Poetry doesn’t sell.
Reality sells…reality TV sells better.
Old men in suits sell reality TV.
Old poets die in overstuffed chairs
by the fire – the lucky ones.

5 thoughts on “An inch closer to the flame

  1. Wow ! That was really good, Ed!!!!! You need to sit in your overstuffed chair and compile them into a book. Great sense of ‘achievement’ …but then again, maybe u have? Keep on writing!

    Nancy Fitzgerald, SSJ Director of Alumni and Special Programs St. Martin de Porres School 2300 West Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia., PA 19132 215-223-6872 x409

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  2. Was this poem written before or after Trump? One of my personal interpretations to God heading for Mar-a-logo is that Trump will be dispatched to Hell when God arrives there. Enjoyed the read.Thanks for posting.


      • As far as the poem goes, I would never presume that Trump or anyone else will be dispatched to hell. Me, I am kind of wishy-washy on the whole hell thing. Not sure if there even is one, and if there is, who we’ll see there….Still working on that, but I suppose at my age I should hurry up. Thanks a lot for reading Pete, and I apologize for the 2-step comment. I accidentally hit post before I finished the reply.

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