Summer/Palm Beach, FL

Summer nights in Palm Beach
you can almost wear
the heat around your neck
on a multi-colored lanyard
smell the night air drifting up from the
Boca ghetto 20 miles to the south
watch the bejeweled sky light up
like the gems in the shops on Worth Avenue
expect everything – you can afford it can’t you?
don’t drink the water
was it worth the hangover?
was it worth the Jacques Selosse?
that you’d ordered – spilled
for that special occasion
Don’t ask the waiter who couldn’t wait
to steal your Lana Marks bag,
don’t count on him,
he’s a traitor who’s fled West.

Keep up appearances
and don’t forget the dogs,
you’ll need them to keep you company
at the Breakers
after the politicians have left the room.

talk the talk and enjoy the ride.

It ends in West Palm at the dog track.
It ends in a seedy poker room
with half a dozen guys smoking cigars
and talking legalized pot.
It ends in a sunset you will never see.

4 thoughts on “Summer/Palm Beach, FL

    • Thank you for reading, Pete. This is one of the continuing series of “lost poems” that I am finding as I clear off the hard drive of my laptop. There were several poems that I wrote over the years, and either forgot about them, or for one reason or another decided not to put them up here on EEOTPB.

    • Thank you for the kind words and thank you for reading. I had forgotten about this poem, and I just recently uncovered it from the depths of my hard drive. And by the way, Albuquerque is on my list of places to visit. I hear it is a beautiful city.

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