a thousand years

I think that
I will be here for the next
one thousand years

…here in the thick of it
here in the corporate tank
with that guy from
the San Francisco office
sending me threatening email
bugging the corporate hell
out of me saying that
if I don’t fix this or that
within the next 24 hours

The corporate shit will hit
the fan by tomorrow
morning at 9 AM Eastern
Daylight Time
causing the four horsemen
of the Corporate Apocalypse
to ride into town


into South Miami
right up the tailpipe
of my brand new laptop
threatening the very existence
of my unfurnished condo
and nine year old car

I think that
I will be here for the next
one thousand years
staring up at the stars over
Biscayne Bay
going to Publix on
Sunday afternoon to
pick up dog food for Precious
and kitty litter
for Millie
and stopping to fill up
the Subaru
at the Chevron

on Alton Road.

I can’t imagine it being

any other way.

It is all so important

all of it

and it will

be this way

for at least a thousand years

4 thoughts on “a thousand years

  1. That guy from San Francisco sounds very tough. There is only one way to deal with a fella like that — a very stern email. Use caps and bold letters. Then he will realize with whom he is dealing. Maybe a TImes font would be in order. When are the 24 hours up?

  2. Did the new font do the trick? That guy regrets ever messing with you. I pity the fool. There are so many sissies in San Francisco that he forgot what the rest of the world is like. Now he knows.

  3. He would never again mess with a guy using sans-serif, Verdana bold face font. Now as far as San Fran goes, I have enjoyed visiting there many a time. Love Chinatown in S.F. Don’t know if Cliff House restaurant is still around but I love that place too – what a view of the Pacific. I hope to make it back there soon.

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