You wonder

sometimes you wake up
in the morning
and you think
about everyone who didn’t

you think
about that kid you knew
in the 8th grade who
died a couple of years ago
at age 58
from a massive coronary
on a golf course in Gulfport
and you think
about that girl from

…the one who wore
that very tiny
green dress
to the prom
and you wonder
how she’d look
if she hadn’t
drank a 4th
Tom Collins
at the North Star
that night…


(you think of)
the girl from
East Hennepin who was lost
and presumed dead
on Lake Erie
in a storm
about 23 years ago
(accompanied by)
her husband,
…the sailor

and you seriously
think about
the priest
who married you to
your first wife,
and how he must have felt

when he died in an avalanche

in Yosemite
three years ago
and you wonder why

As you are staring
at that face in the mirror
with the whiskers
tinged grey
you wonder
if you’d look like
if you grew it out

if the damned thing
would just get the best
of you too


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