nothing left to do but to write about it

When there is nothing left to do

but to write about it,

you’ll know it — because:

The locks must be changed,

and you’ll find the keys to the Subaru,

in the mailbox,

and the flower bed,

has been desecrated,

with a sharp instrument,

and the last flight to Philadelphia,

the one that departed 20 minutes early,

is now over Cincinnati.

It’s then you’ll find:

Your driver’s license

book marking a page in

Nabakov’s Quartet, and

you’ll find your Certificate of Live Birth

mixed with the unpaid bills.

You’ll find Captain Crunch cereal

in the dog bowl.

You’ll find crumpled cigarette packs

in the freezer,

and refried beans from the Taco joint

in the blender.


When there is nothing left to do

but to write about it

you’ll find out that:

Your attorney is under indictment,

your physician is in restraints,

and a politician of lofty stature,

is called a war criminal.

And you’ll read that:

A young man died last night,


with a gun in his hand,

while an old man wandered off,

to die on the tracks.

And some young girls have gone missing,

and more soldiers have died,

while insurgents have been repelled,

and rebels have been armed,

and more dusty capitals defended.

Losers have suffered heavy losses,

while the winners toast their gains.

And in Hollywood, California,

a has-been actor died yesterday,

of remorse, bitterness, and old age,

his body carted off to the County morgue.

And there’s not a damned thing left to do

but to write about it.

9 thoughts on “nothing left to do but to write about it

  1. Ed,
    Scientist always feel like they don’t understand poets. I read it twice and decided that isn’t what poetry is about, probably the best I can do is just go with the “mood”. It reminded me of how crazy my life is right now. I have “lost” faith and have been going to see some “religious movies” just to check out people and their gigs. Bizarre behavior. I actually went to see “Heaven is Real”. It better not be I want no part of the sequel. Ellen

  2. Hi Ed
    I’m enjoying your website – particularly like this one – …Nothing left to do but write about it…
    Thanks for the welcome – have you joined any other writers groups?

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