Jimmy Stewart’s Dog, Beau

I don’t usually reblog but I am making an exception today. This was originally posted on “Shootin’ the Breeze”. If you’re a dog lover, you’re going to tear up at the end of this one. But don’t just read the poem. Play the clip of Jimmy Stewart reading the poem he wrote about Beau. This starts out humorous, but takes a sudden turn at the end…


Shootin' the Breeze

I have written many posts about our dog named Beau.  Jimmy Stewart, the actor, had a similar dog with the same name.  He wrote a poem that he read on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show back in 1981.  It is funny and more.  Click on the link below.  I expect that you will be glad to have the experience.

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5 thoughts on “Jimmy Stewart’s Dog, Beau

  1. Hi WE. I traced you back here after you commented on my piece about my crazy dog Goliath. I listened, and I am still drying the tears.

    We lost our most recent dog this past summer, and I am lobbying my husband now for replacement. He is resistant, as his heart was broken by the loss of Cooper. But this clip emphasized how much our furry friends add.

    Ya gotta have a dog.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks for looking me up here, Elyse. I have had dogs all my life, and can’t imagine life without them. We lost our golden retriever, Dusty to cancer back in 2010. Cancer is rampant in the breed, but we got another puppy the next month. The pain of losing them is so great, yet we never want to be without our ‘best friend’.

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