Does Obama want my guns?? I mean, does he really??

A few days after The Election, I ran into a friend of mine at the Deerfield Mall. My friend (I’ll call him Jason – not his real name), was a Romney supporter, and although I vowed not to mention The Election to him (or any other Romney supporters), purely out of respect, he was obviously still upset about the outcome and he didn’t waste any time telling me how much.

“So how are things, Jason,” I said, suddenly realizing my faux pas in these emotionally charged post-election days.

He shook his head. “Not good Trop. Not since the other day.”

“Yes, about the other day…”

“I’m mighty upset about the election.”

“I see.”

“This is Obama’s second term and he’s got nothing to lose now,” he said that staring at the sidewalk.

“Nothing to lose? How so?”

“He’s coming for our guns Trop, that’s what. I give it a year…maybe two years, tops, before this country busts out in an all out shootout to defend our second amendment rights.”

“You think Obama wants that antique blunderbuss you have hanging over your mantle,” I said. “You should pay HIM to take it. It probably hasn’t been fired since President Grant was in the White House.”

“That’s why I’m buying an AR-15.”

“An AR-15! You really think…”

“And 500 rounds to start with.”

So that’s how the conversation went. I went away shaking my head, and I soon forgot our conversation until the other day, when I ran across an article about an Arizona gunstore that had banned from the premises, anyone who voted for Obama. For those who are too busy to click the link, Cope Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinecrest, Arizona also posted a sign in his store that reads:

“If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. Thank you, The Management”

Could we be talking about the same Obama? Is this the same Obama who received ‘failing grades’ on the gun control issue from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence? Could this be the same Obama who signed legislation that now allows people to pack their shootin’ iron not only in National Parks, but on an Amtrak train as well!

Dang, I don’t know. Does the Prez really want our guns?  It seems as if there are just as many guns as ever, at least here in South Florida, even after all of these Obama years. And mind you, I’m not anti-gun at all. I’m a supporter of the second amendment – always have been and always will be. But I can’t for the life of me (no pun intended), understand why the need for the really high power weaponry?

Need a fully automatic weapon? Drop me a line in the comments and let’s discuss.



One thought on “Does Obama want my guns?? I mean, does he really??

  1. Trop:

    Thanks. Important topic, obviously. Clearly we don’t need to have people in the US walking around with heavy duty,automatic weapons. To my way of thinking there is no rational reason for this to be the case. Those who need to possess these kinds of weapons do so either because they represent a way of compensating for deep seated feeling of weakness and inadequacy ( unconsciously driven) or there is some paranoid delusion at play whereby others, usually the Federal Government, is out to forcefully take away their rights. My understanding of history is that the right to bear arms came out of a time when we were a young nation,when hunting and gathering was still a necessity to sustain life and , perhaps, communities lacked organized rule of law which provided a protective structure which people could feel would protect them instead of having a sense that they needed to protect themselves. Neither of these conditions exist today. I guess the judgetious use of guns for sport hunting purposes is permissable in our society as well as some strictly regulated hand gun possession. The proliferation of hand gun sales and permits represents a symptom of societal breakdown which needs to be understood and addressed and not dealt with by more people possessing even mor hand guns.

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