First debate blues and Tulip surfaces in Vegas

I have to say that I was sort of bummed out after the first Romney / Obama debate – so much so that I really didn’t want to blog about it. A day or so after the debate, I left a message on Tulip’s phone expecting a call back right away. She didn’t answer me for several days.

Last night she called from Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

“I needed a trip across the desert to cleanse my soul,” she said that to me when I reminded her that she’d sworn off gambling three years before after a devastating seventeen thousand dollar loss weekend.

“I can handle it now,” she told me. “I’m going to play a little poker, stuff a couple hundred into the machines, and then come on back up to the room with a bottle of Fairbanks and watch “Field of Dreams” on cable until daybreak. In the morning I’ll be better.”

“Didn’t the fact that Obama missed so many good talking points in that debate against Romney make you mad? I mean he had so many great opportunities to take the guy to the mat and he blew it!”

“Sure. He could have said a lot. But if he’d acted like Romney, with that wild-eyed CEO lie-to-your-face-while-your-job-ships-out-to-Beijing look on his face they would have ripped the Big O to pieces.”

“I dunno,” I said. “Obama came off looking weak. That’s what all the polls say.”

“But you forget, Romney lied about almost everything,” said Tulip. “You know that don’t you.”

“Yes, he did lie, especially about his tax on wealthy Americans.”

“Well, there you go,” she said. “Everyone will see through that one.”

“I am not sure,” I said. “A lot of people I know are convinced that they ARE the wealthy Americans.”

“Even if they don’t have jobs?” she said.

“Yeah, Tulip…they still think they are pretty well off.”

Two thousand miles away I heard her say something under her breath and light a smoke.

“I’ll be glad when this election is over,” she said. “It’s getting ugly out there.”

3 thoughts on “First debate blues and Tulip surfaces in Vegas

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  2. I’m glad Tulip came out of her funk over the first so called “debate”. I prefer to describe what we are subjected to and passed off as a debate as a kind of Dancing With The Stars,if you know what i mean. We have not progressed, in this country, very far from when monarchs ruled. We are still looking for the “strong ” handed savior to magically make us all better. Like Mommy, you could also say. As scary as the idea is maybe we need Rommney to win in order for us to grow up and see that there is no magical prince to the rescue–only grown up mature frustration tolerance, forbearance and trust in incremental improvement which is already under way. I’m sorry about the Rommney part. I hope against hope that we don’t have to resort to a victory by him to teach us about being grownups.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I think it is time to rethink the whole debate thing. The purpose of them seems to have become theater, in which both sides are waiting for a mis-speak or embarrassing gaff so they can use it in their campaign ads. Both sides accuse the other of not having a plan for the future, when in truth they both do have plans for us, and in my opinion one plan is decidedly more frightening than the other.

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